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Rue Eugène Marziano 22, CH-1227, Les Acacias, Genève
Tel: +41 (0) 22.782.66.25
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JAM Management  provides construction consultancy services both internally to the Group and externally to public and private clients.


Project Management

From development of the strategic plan for your business, through implementation and occupation, we act as your representative to manage and control all aspects of your project.

Planning & architecture

We are able to fulfil your needs in terms of project planning & architecture, from the feasibility studies to the commissioning, including negotiation with local authorities, preparation and management of the planning application.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Our services comprise cost planning and value engineering via a highly effective management of cost through design, procurement, construction & defects liability stages

Construction Management

Direct procurement and management of the construction works through separate trade packages, to provide you with a fast, cost effective and flexible solution to the construction process

Loan Monitoring

From confidential audits and appraisals, to monitoring of implementation and certification of loan drawdowns, we provide funders and investors with assurance that their investments are effectively utilised.

Due Diligence

Working closely with legal and financial advisers, we review as appropriate technical, cost, time and strategic factors to assure potential investors, tenants and buyers before transactions.

Strategic Advisory Services

We can advise you in areas such as development of real estate strategies dealing with acquisition, disposal and operation.

Expert Services

Working in conjunction with the legal profession where necessary, we provide expert services in relation to contractual and insurance claims and investigations.


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