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Whilst the principal object of Healthcare is patient care, in today’s environment this can quickly be forgotten with the onus being on visual statements, quotas and profits. At JAM Healthcare we believe in optimising investment to create the most suitable medical environments for both patients and staff and our advice to clients will always be consistently driven in this direction.


We understand the complexities of the healthcare model and from initial feasibility can bring you added value working “top down” through the interpretation of the Business Plan. In this manner we create the infrastructure to reflect the agreed medical case-mix and volumes ensuring that the space planning is perfectly balanced within the financial parameters of the model and guaranteeing that the construction does not become an outsized financial burden.


With a detailed knowledge of hospital operations acquired through active involvement and previous minority shareholdings in healthcare facilities, JAM Healthcare is a leading independent consultant who has used the experience of its professional team as a platform for the successful completion of projects throughout Europe and the MENA region.


JAM Healthcare delivers its own brand of specialist healthcare services to both the public and private sector comprising healthcare planning, finance sourcing, design, construction and equipment procurement. Such services may be delivered independently or as a turnkey package.


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